I’m sure you know by now I love an Iris, especially a Bearded one in all it’s forms. It’s dividing time now and I am busy digging and dividing and composting old bits. I am reminded of how lovely they were this Spring did you see them on our Instagram page? they looked a bit like this….


MTB Lady Belle

MTB LadyBelle one of the many white and purples in the MTB pack, pretty though and good flowers.

MTB Enriched

MTB Enriched , breathing a sigh of relief, I though I’d lost this one in the winter wet. It’s a floriferous favourite and turns out to be #bulletproof too

MTB Bangles

Possibly my absolute favourite, a little short but what it lacks in height it more than makes up for in flowery-ness. It is litterally covered in flowers, dozens of them and they last. Soft lilacy/browny purple with hints of yellow. If I had to chose one this would be it.

MTB Welch’s Reward

Another oldie but goody, smaller and fine flowers, lots of them per stem, strong colour which doesn’t fade even on hot summery days

TB Mer de Sud

This is a bit of a thug of a plant with enormous flowers and a distinctive scent. But the colur is luminous and it really is a do-er, despite the raia marks in the image it holds up well in all weathers.

MTB Honorabile

A long serving lovely, originally bred in the 1800’s. Delicate and floriferous how could we not love it?


MTB Ace which is really ace a #bulletproof babe and another fav

IB Star Woman

Really sulking this year after a move, Starwoman IB putting up one flower (usually 20 or 30) better improve next year or you’re compost!

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