More than a little chuffed and excited with the grapevine this year. It’s 4 th year here and thus far a tiny bunch has appeared each of the previous 2 years. This year it’s COVERED in grapes. I’ve pruned back in Spring per @themontydon instructions, 2 bunches per vertical, 3 leaf intersections. But it still seems like a lot of bunches for one little plant.

Bunches busting out all over

Baby grapes, grapelets perhaps?

Later in summer I’ve been swotting up on care, pruning and maintenance for the optimum crops and now find that this year, 5 bunches will be optimum, next year ( year 5 for the vine) any number will be acceptable!

Grapes getting fatter

I’d be happy with 3 or 4 bunches to tell truth! Its a black unarmed (😂and unnamed) eating grape.

Lovely healthy plant, growing like gangbusters


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