RHS Show Garden

RHS  Tatton 2016

July 20th -24th 2016

Inner Sanctum

In July 2016, in  collaboration with CLK Design, I designed and built my first Show Garden. The Back to Back garden for the RHS Flower Show Tatton Park 2016 was entitled ‘Inner Sanctum’. After months of planning and two weeks of intense building  and planting work the garden space was completed and looked fantastic. Inner Sanctum was awarded an RHS Silver Gilt Medal and we had a huge amount of interest, and praise, from press and public alike.

Inner Sanctum was inspired by 12th century Italian mathematician Leonardo Bonacci, better known as Fibonacci and his number sequence that references the spirals seen in nature. A classical route to bring harmony to a space is to reflect these proportions within spatial planning and planting but taking it one step further and allowing every element to reflect sections of the sequence.  A space in which to internalise and reflect on natures patterns, to unwind and to meditate. Asking the viewer to take an slow inward journey through the spiral coming to a seated lotus position in contemplation of the tree, viewing the framed sets of planting from another perspective. As the world recedes the wonder of nature emerges.

Planted with flowers that attract a variety of pollinating insects. The slow moving water allows for drinking and even bathing for small birds and pollinators. Lightly shaded areas offer potential retreats for wildlife, tree canopies offers perches for birds with bark and foliage providing homes and hunting grounds for small insects and some lone pollinators.

Ceramic artist Anja Penger-Onyett  developed a bespoke water feature for the garden at her studio in Bedfordshire. Considering elements of proportion and shape and bringing her unique style to the glazes and colouring of the elements.

The elegant metal arbour, created by an artisan blacksmith JW & AJ Barrett Ltd  bringing the sequence to life and with it planting opportunities for climbers offering altered viewpoints of the garden and the planting.


Inner Sanctum was a partially self funded project under the Archangelica Designs collaboration with CLK Design. I am very grateful for the generous and kind help from the following people and companies:

CED Stone GroupCeramicsBuyAnjaBig Dig GroundworksJewson – Huntingdon

Hortus LociLadybrook NurseriesArt Metal

Mr & Mrs T. Nicholas – Mr & Mr R. Onyett – Mr K. Khan – SJM Wealth Management

Mr & Mrs N. Turner – Mrs T. RichMs J. Bingham – Mrs A. McIlroy


Inner Sanctum – Brochure and Inner Sanctum – Plant List


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