Outline Plan Process

Small Garden Design, Oxfordshire

Oxford town garden for a young couple

Once Outline Plan ‘go ahead’ is received the next step is to have the site professionally surveyed. On relatively level areas, up to one acre, this can be done by our in house team. On more complex sites we will put you in touch with a skilled and chartered garden surveyor who can carry out complex surveys using equipment such as the Leica Total station

Following a visit to site the surveyor will provide you with a full set of paper surveys, usually A1, and will provide us, on your instruction, with a digital copy of the survey.

Once we have the survey we will begin our initial sketches based on the Design Brief and our initial discussions.

Our initial presentation will be a series of boards including existing site analysis, a functional  analysis, outline (sketch) plan and if time and budget allow, a 3D model of the 2D plan. This series of plans will form discussion documents to confirm we are on brief with our designs.

Following this meeting we will complete the Outline Plan, to include any changes or additions; section elevations and perspectives and create mood boards giving you examples of hard landscaping materials and soft landscaping focus. We will present the final designs to you, talking through each aspect of the design and ensuring we cover all elements discussed in the initial brief.

The next stage in your landscaping project is to complete a set of Master Plans to facilitate the  TENDERING process and appoint the contractor who will BUILD your new design.

“Diligent, organised. Inspirational and knowledgeable regarding design and planting ideas/schemes – very good at envisaging and communicating an impression of the final effect.. 
Mr & Mrs O, Bedfordshire