Low Maintenance Gardens

Lush planting well maintained

Gardens are living things, affected by weather, aspect, planterly competition, local wildlife and of course the people who use and maintain them. Planting can be well planned but as the growing environment is not static paying some attention to what is happening in the coming years will enhance  your enjoyment and also the success of the plantings you have invested in.

No garden is ‘no maintenance’ but timely maintenance can make the difference between a good garden and a really great one. Prune that shrub at the wrong time and you’ll miss all the flowering glory for that season, forget to feed your roses in spring and instead of a flush of rich blossoms it’ll be a smattering of small blooms.

To assist with great maintenance we can provide a detailed schedule of seasonal and annual tasks for your garden. We can also help you find a qualified local gardener if you would like one.

Follow up visits can be arranged on an annual basis to ensure the garden is developing along the desired lines and in line with your changing needs and expectations. Following a VISIT we will prepare a brief making recommendations.

“Always well organised and planning ahead – jobs to be done taking account of seasonal changes and tasks.”
Mr O, Bedfordshire