Iris – Miniature Tall Bearded

Alongside the Garden Design and planting we hold a large collection of rare Iris (Miniature Tall Bearded Iris).

The collection started in 2009, gathering what was available in the UK together in one place along with importing one or two we went on adding with gifts from others from breeder, finds in specialist nurseries and the odd lucky find on a wrongly size tagged, rightly named Iris in all sorts of places!

To date there are about 60 MTB’s and around 30 other bearded’s in an assortment of sizes and about 10 other species iris. Unsurprisingly we collect as we go, we take anything we’re offered, bearded, non-bearded, species, reticulata and so on at the moment the only Iris we don’t have are the water lovers, I. fulva I.levigata, I.versicolour, I.pseudacorus and I.virginica because we have no watery space.

The aim is for them to pay for themselves, their land and accommodations, their, food and nutrition, the required labeling. This equalizing is achieved through sales of the propagated and divided collection. It maintains itself, just, though no one gets paid to maintain it, that’s a labour of love!

If you want some divisions we occasionally donate to fellow collectors, charitiy auctions and gardensand to weeding volunteers. This year we’ll be making offers available through our Instagram pages, so click a like to keep updated.

For 2022 rhizomes are supplied bare root between August and September and range in price from £7 to £10 each. Postage and packing will be added at cost and therefore unique to each order. Due to Phytosanitary requirements Irises can only be supplied only within the GB (excludes Northern Ireland).

We are a registered plant passporter so can on occasion supply to wholesale clients

  • MTB Enriched