This has been a slightly less hectic week than last week. Only slightly though. Monday saw me out in the inclement weather most of the day, fielding inappropriate footware, a tape measure, writing materials and a smile, in the freezing drizzle. Fur lined Rigger boots here I come!

The satisfying thing is to find oneself immersed in projects with tight deadlines and still loving the process and the detail of it all. Oh of course clients can be demanding and certainly I am not as fast or as on the ball as my predecessor was but so far no balls have fallen to the floor without hope of rescue. Read STEEP learning curve, who knew a) rabbit fencing was so complicated, b) rabbits were so determined, c) keeping them out is pretty pricey!

Results from the course were mailed to us all, no pomp and ceremony, indeed nothing but the certificate itself inside the DO NOT BEND envelope. A bit of an anti climax I suppose but it seems like a backward step to worry about it all. I am glad it’s done and it is something to build on, plenty of gaps still to fill and I can’t wait. The result? It was ok.

I should say that last weekend after two days of digging, mattocking and trench spading roots out at a clients place, I made some retail therapy time and bought a beautiful and soon to be fruitful 2m Mulberry nigra ‘Chelsea’. Thanks to inspiration from Mark Diacono and his book Taste of the Unexpected. I now have a shortish wish list of rare-ish fruits to be stored at the burgeoning allotment until I find a permanent home.


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