I enjoyed the morning of presentations from Chris Marchant of Orchard Dene nurseries. She’s the main reviewer of our soft landscape portfolios so probably someone to impress with our plant knowledge and depth of understanding when it comes to the ‘green decorating’.

Chris was utterly impressive, Latin plant names rolling off her tongue like a native she whipped through travel snaps of planting combos in far away places, directing us all to observe wherever we go. Which is of course great advice as we build the palette of ideas for future works.

The afternoon was located at the nursery, which was a mare to find for some reason, Daniel (the SAT NAV) took us to the house NOT the nursery which was a mere stones throw away to a local, quite a bit further to a non-local. On arrival the acres of block planting was very exciting for a plant-a-holic like me.

It was great to hear about the running of the commercial nursery, from order taking through to pick and delivery. Then of course the skills required to schedule all the propagating and plant care that they undertake.


A potted version of ‘how to soil prep, layout (below) and then plant your planting plan….

planting plan_orchard_Dene

and if you can’t for some reason then how to ensure your contractor does it right, (ok does it your way!) giving your ‘green decorations’ the best possible chance to get growing once planted.


Fabulous nursery, really glad to have met Chris as no doubt she will be invaluable as a resource in the future.

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