With the flurry of activity surrounding the Hard Landscape portfolio and Bespoke portfolio visits to winter gardens for shots to go into the Soft Landscape portfolio have all but been forgotten. But today, as the sun finally peaked out from the clouds, I felt I HAD to go to see the spectacular snowdrop display and glorious winter gardens at Anglesey Abbey. a quick jaunt up the A14 and back in time for lunch and more drawing(!)

  • Mahonia

The winter gardens wind their way through a huge section of the garden, the path helping to divide the different section by bending so as to hide the next element. Glorious inter colour in the shape of yellow stemmed Salix, crimson coloured Cornus and ghostly white Rubrus, nestled in alongside Sarcoccoca confusa, Hammemelis, Chosiya, Corylus, Ophiopogon, Carex, Eleagnus and more in fact 150 species to cheer up a dreary English winter and this one has been particularly dreary!. The finale was of course the striking stand of Betula utilis var. jaquemontii. Stark against the rich dark soil, just sprouting daffs(?) beneath.

The snowdrops? two weeks late due to snow and cold weather! so I will have to go back again to see the Viburnums, Hammemelis and Galanthus in their full glory. Really, an inspirational garden for winter colour and interest.


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