Totally thrilled to be in the Guardian this weekend. Yes that’s right THE Guardian newspaper! A big Thank You to Jane Perrone for the opportunity.

Rosewarne Gardens, Guardian Weekend MAgazine, White Garden

Putting together a planting plan from the Van Meuwen/Thompson & Morgan plant catalogue (and begging list), which had a number of iterations and the final plan is very pleasing. Most definitely do-able in lots of gardens, with gloriously lush green texture and flounces of periodic whiteness …oh and then there was the pale pink thyme – that several people have mentioned as their first comment! – I know it’s a White garden but honestly 95% or the year it will be pale green and cream, for a fleeting week or so it might flower palest pink but if you’re hedging it, which after all is it’s purpose, well no flowers, Zero, Zilch, NADA…. There are limitation to what one can ‘demand’ T&M stock, white Thymus was not on the list!

I’m sure VSW would have understood after all her Leucanthemums have yellow middles!

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