Sometimes it certainly feels that way in this world of ever changing and updating machinery and gadgetry. No sooner has one bought the latest iWhatever than another pops up more singing and dancing. Imagine how delighted I was to discover a new spade that has been around an age but I have only just disocvered it.

A trenching spade is it’s name and a client demonstrated it’s rather interesting properties when removing a reluctant cotoneaster root. Unable to live without one I headed off to Gibbs & Dandy, supposedly the top supplier of said trenching spade.

Low and behold there it was, how could I have missed it on previous visits?! I’m now the proud owner of a beautiful Spear & Jackson, Neverbend, trenching spade…..

plus two more supper dooper measuring implements 1 extra long tape measure, 60m

Stanley 60mtr tape

and one extra wide, called a  FAT max tape, specially designed for the visually challenged

Stanley FAT MAX 35mI am resisting the pull to buy more techno gadgets as apart from being far more expensive than the odd spade or tape measure by the time I have done my research something new has been released and I’m back to square one!!

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