After learning about the National Plant Specification resource at college it had been assigned to the ‘someday when it can be afforded’  box – currently £156+VAT subscription then £99+VAT PA thereafter

What is the NPS?

“The updated National Plant Specification takes the guesswork out of plant selection and procurement by providing a comprehensive and accurate ‘bible’ for planting selection and ensures an effective method of producing rigorously specified plant schedules.”

There are other resources of course that are free-ish, The new and updated RHS plant selector which provides extra care information for a logged in member – £49 for an individual member. There is also Shoot Gardening which provides extensive plant information for professionals £30 to £130 depending on services) and amateurs (£19.99).

Of course good nurseries will also provide this information free in their own catalogues.

In my ideal world the NPS would be integrated into Vectorworks at no extra cost and updated every 6 months to reflect new RHS AGM (Award of Garden Merit) varieties, but that is my personal wish list and not so likely to happen!

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