Two varieties this year, Pentland Javelin, recommended a one of the best ‘doers‘ by a good friend who is a bit of a Vegetable growing aficionado and Pink Fir Apple because I want to try it out and see if they’re good to eat as well as fun to peel.

Pentland Javelin – chitting in the kitchen window

I sort of feel as if they are slightly abandoned, no egg box, no special treatment this year. Egg boxes have been pressed into ‘seed box’ type service. That said last year I didn’t even chit them (Charlotte) they went straight into the ground from the packet, very daring, but nevertheless successful for a late planting.

Chitting? oh yes, chitting simply means encouraging your seed spuds to get a wiggle on and sprout before they go into the ground, you don’t have to do it but I like to if I remember.

The kitchen is relatively cool in my house, south east facing and no more than morning to early afternoon sun if there is any, so they are getting off nice and slowly.

Pink Fir Apple

Pink Fir Apple – chitting in the kitchen window

The pink fir apple have been taking their time about it too, only just putting out some tiny shoots in the last day of so. If they don’t get a move on they might have to move to the south west facing office window – positively hot by comparison!

Of course all this said it’s not as if I have dug over the bed where they will be planted yet, in fact I still have to work out how they are going to fit in at all. I keep reassuring myself that I am good at space management…. no really I am!

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