Galanthus 'Wendy's Gold'

Galanthus ‘Wendy’s Gold’

This is  a very odd season. November was the mildest on record and December looks set to be the mildest and the wettest. Barely a chill in the air let alone a frost or snow. I am in the South East of England in case you’re shouting that it’s snowing where you are!

Two weeks ago there were Galnthus sprouting, Galanthus that are usually seen mid to end of January, poking above frosted cracking soil. Daffodils showing off their vibrant gleam for all to see but they’re ‘February Gold’. Viburnum tinus and V.Bodnantense flowering together, Sambucus leafing up and cherry buds plumping up for the onslaught of full blown flowering. Oddly the Hellebores are a bit late and not a sign of the Crocus or Iris reticulata

Yes the seasonal temperatures and consequently many plants are all a dither.

What is interesting to note is the plants that come ‘early’ must be triggered to action by temperature not light, for the light levels remain true to season.

What will happen if Winter arrives now?, as it surely will, well plants will die back or stall their growth and come again when Spring arrives if they have the energy, some will simply retreat until next year (2017) having done their dash and being unable to do it again so soon.

Two years ago a cold start to the year stalled our Iris collection, several simply failed to flower that year, missing their usual slot due to freezing weather. They came again in all their glory the following year, none the worse for a quiet year.

What’s flowering out of season for you? anything unusual? or nothing and it’s business as usual?

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