Tomato and Zuchinni glut. After reading up on it I finally got some Zuchinni fruit

Tomato and Zuchinni.

Having our work transform peoples lives is a happy part of the work of a garden designer, or course we hope it’s for the better as people find outside spaces they can enjoy, entertain, play and relax in, be active in, see and support the wildlife habitats that grow up around their freshly planted gardens. But to transform a whole landscape? one that has been riven with drought? that takes something else. A bigger vision and enormous scale of delivery.

In 1984 many of us were caught up in Bob Geldof’s enthusiasm to ‘Feed the World’ during the Ethiopian famine and 30 years on it’s really happening. World Vision are celebrating the transformation of an area hard hit during the 1984 drought, the Antsokia Valley now a lush green oasis,  at 3 of the BIG garden shows this year (RHS Chelsea, BBC Gardeners World Live and RHS Hampton Court) to bring awareness that the problem is not yet fixed and that extreme hunger continues in parts of Africa.

Support their work here and visit the gardens at RHS Hampton Court.

Spread the word about the progress made, World Vision are offering RGA Blog readers an exclusive chance to win RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show tickets when they register for a Grow Hope pack, on the World Vision website:  go on,  you know you want to!


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