So the South East has been hit by more than a little flurry of snow and much to our collective joy it happened on a Sunday so that one and all could frolick gleefully in the snowy activities of snowman making, snowball throwing and generally larking about in the white stuff.

Snowy Great Ouse River Salix

After that might I turn your attention to rather more mundane but eminently important things such as your plants and your paths.

Paths of BRICK are vulnerable to frost damage no matter how frost proof the bricks. WHY I hear you shout, bad workmanship? not a bit of it it’s more to do with the slow seep that happens with the melt of snow, instead of running off like rain (assuming you have the appropriate drainage ’tilt’ on your path that is) as snow slowly melts the resulting water seeps into the brick, one sharp re-freeze and unsurprisingly all that soaking brick work on your  path is liable to ‘blow’.

Frost damage on a beautiful rich red brick path.

What to do? well sweeping remains your best option, so before it melts, sweep the snow off the path or wall. Simple and far fewer winter damaged bricks to replace in spring


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