This is first in a short series of gooseberry recipes. There’s a glut, pretty much every year and I sometimes need to be reminded of what to do with the additional fruit. If you have recipe favorites  do share them in the comments below, I can never have too many ideas.

My mother made this wonderful rich and tart tasting crumble when I was a child, made with  ‘goosegogs’ from the bottom of the garden. 2 bushes, VERY thorny. Usually accompanied by vanilla ice-cream or thick yellow custard. As with all children I have ungratefully adapted her recipe, very slightly and called it my own.


Pre-heat the oven to 180C/gas 4

500g Gooseberries – washed, topped and tailed and drained, dull but necessary

80g Golden caster sugar – unrefined if possible

90g Flour – white, wholemeal doesn’t work as well

90g Oats – rolled or porridge

85g Demerara sugar

85g Butter – no margarine won’t do.

juice and rind of 1 Lemon



1. Mix cleaned gooseberries with sugar and spread in the bottom of an oven proof dish with lemon juice (approx 2 tbs)

2. Place flour and oats in a bowl adding lemon zest, butter and a pinch of salt, I know weird but it works. Rub together between your fingertips until you have a rough breadcrumb texture then mix though the demerera.

3. Layer the topping onto the gooseberries fairly evenly and place into the middle of a pre-heated oven for 40-45 mins until golden brown and crunchy on the top, the gooseberries swill probably be bubbling juice down the sides too.


Gooseberry crumble with thick yellow custard. Perfect.

Gooseberry crumble with thick yellow custard. Perfect.




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