I’m taking a short course in Planting Design with Grasses via the not-so-new-now-but-fairly-revolutionary-way-to-study My-Garden-School school. There are tons and tons of courses so it’s quite hard to chose just one but we all have to start somewhere.

The hardest thing is having ‘homework’ again. It’s a topic I am interested in but that doesn’t mean it’s easy or that there is scads of spare time in the dairy at the moment! and then there is the having your work criticised…again…and in public… ouch…. NTS: must grow rhino skin


It IS great to have a grass aficionado (botanist, microbiologist, perennials expert, author and photographer) teaching the course and Michael King is certainly stretching the grey matter when it comes to plant choices.

Half way through the course more details when we’re done.

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