Well I have seen my postie most days for the last few years, he’s a friendly sort but professional. Always business like not stopping to chat but he’s busy I guess. Then there are the delivery guys some more professional than others. One will not leave it with anyone but the addressee, another MUST have a name and address if leaving with a neighbour and a ‘white van man’, local delivery chap who knocks on every door looking for someone to take in parcels if the addressee’s not home and isn’t worried at all who takes it. And lastly the delivery man who leaves it behind the hedge, the bin, the wall, under the side gate somewhere with a note through the door to say a parcel lurks about the property ‘Go Search!’

I have always rather preferred the ingenious chap who hides things and leaves a note, until today that is.

WRapped in plastic saves the day - Back

Grubby remains of packaging - Front

Today as I was clearing up behind my green waste bin – out of use from Dec to Feb I found a book in it’s plastic wrap and about  an 1/8th of the cardboard outer ‘melted’ onto the plastic wrap. The book is warped a little and bowing nicely as it dries,  hardly surprising seeing as it has been outside on the soil behind the green bin, in the wind and the rain since god knows when. I say that because what is even odder is that I already have this book ( Dan Pearson’s  Spirit),

I bought it a year ago. I have not ordered this book again, not for a friend or for myself. ( If some kind friend has sent it for Christmas, then Thank you, any message or delivery information was obliterated by the weather!)

So dear Postie, PLEASE put a note through the door, the addressee is not psychic and doesn’t know that you’ve thrown something behind the bins so it won’t get stolen …….but then it might just rot away from neglect!

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