Well 2013 turns out to be the year I get white page fear, writers block..whatever you call it. In the last few weeks, well it’s been lurking for months tell the truth, I’ve had this feeling I don;t know who I am talking to and consequently I find myself not sure what to say. Not so much a case of stage fright more a case of….. well I’m not sure what to be honest. I’ve had a surfeit of editorial on gardens I suppose, I read many of the monthly, and some of the weekly, papers and magazines, I read blogs and check out TV programmes to alongside that I attend events and courses and even participate in a few forums and I have come to the conclusion there is a good deal of hot air, people who like the sound of their own (sometimes slightly dull) voice and aren’t averse to chatting on endlessly without really imparting anything of interest.

Of course I am putting myself in this category too…mainly because I don’t really know what my theme is or is it that I have too many and no clear thread?!. Having written a couple of blogs regularly and over several years  I feel, and you may disagree, that they each had a theme, a clear mission and consequently they were very easy to write. 

I am one of lifes talkers and I write much as I speak, so not being able to write fluidly is a bit odd to say the least.

A friend who is a writer said “WRITE…..JUST WRITE!” anything and everything to just get the momentum going and that I am finding is this blog post to a ‘T’. Purpose I am hoping will become clear, will emerge. Or maybe I should simply shut up for a while 😉

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