So as the new year approaches it’s time for me at least to get down to the business of setting some goals, making some lists and doing some planning. I used to spend the couple of holiday days that inevitably follow new year scribbling and planning and imaging what could happen in the coming 12 months. Sometimes I would re-read the year before and sit amazed at how much had come to pass that had been set down in those early days of the year.

A papery unfurling of the Nectaroscorsum

Being a horticulture bird now I realise it’s mostly about the planning. You know the maximising the year ahead in grow your own terms. Perennials have this great way of just getting on with it but not so the ‘grow your own’ type plants. Ok so some of them do, rhubarb, asparagus, cane fruit, berries, orchardy things and of course artichoke but the regular green stuff like beans of all kinds and rooty things in red, white (well more yellow/beige really) and orange mostly needs to be planned for and hot spicy things and tomatoey type things most certainly need to be planned.

Gardener’s World Magazine (January) kindly provided a most excellent rip out and hang up spreadsheet poster for the most common of fruit and veg. That is pinned to the kitchen wall while I contemplate transferring the keyest info to this years Moleskine.

With all this planning and plotting in mind I am of a mind to plan the blog posts a bit more. and perhaps have regular episodes in the mix. Probably a monthly what to do NOW, a garden to visit and possibly even a review of a designer or two…. it will out in the planning of tomorrow.

Wishing one and all a prosperous and a peaceful 2012.

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