The SGD launched two new template contracts for domestic garden works at the recent autumn conference.

The first a consultancy agreement for homeowners to appoint their garden designer and the second a construction and planting contract between client and contractor.

Designed to be used together they have been agreed by forums (JCLI) representing both designers and contractors. 

Based on the well respected JCT Home Owner contract for building works it’s not quite as hefty, thankfully, but a much more pertinent document for home owners, contractors and garden designers a like it address the relevant elements commonly found in an average garden development project.

It can be purchased from the SGD directly, though currently no electronic copies are available

Also launched was the revised Heather’s Specification 2011. I trained on an earlier version which is about as comprehensive as it gets when you are drawing up documents for tendering purposes. A revised version is most welcome and no doubt those involved in the updates are glad it’s done, a detailed and extensive task to complete! Initial communications are that an electronic copy will be available for about £25.

  • Great that you are promoting the JCLI consultancy agreement and landscape contract, which are streamlining and clarifying the design through to build, benefitting clients, designers and contractors.
    The Heather Specification is also re-written, updated and excellent value, the price being £48 inc VAT + p+p (until Feb 29 ). Comes with CD and free updates until a new edition is published. Well done SGD, and Colin Moore who did all the hard work.

    • Rosewarne Gardens Designs

      gosh £48 inc VAT that’s quite a difference from the proposed price at Autumn Conference! Still having an electronic copy is invaluable.

  • Jason Loh

    And much appreciation to John Heather, for producing and updating the Specifications for the SGD

    • Rosewarne Gardens Designs

      Yes indeed John did do the lion’s share of compiling and writing in the first instance, hence the name I suppose, but did he do the recent updating or was that Colin Moore?

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